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Justice League Snyder Cut has hit the digital screens on 18 March, 2021 as a HBO Max Original after a wait of almost three and half years. After director Zack Snyder pulled out from the original Justice League project (released in 2017) to grieve over his personal tragedy of losing his daughter Autumn(who committed suicide; Snyder has also dedicated this film to her), well-known superhero filmmaker Joss Whedon stepped in to create the original Justice League.

But after the release of Justice League in 2017, it faced extreme backlash from fans and critics alike due to its too bright, unrealistic and at times, an incoherent portrayal, and also due to controversies related to Whedon himself. And thus fans demanded for the release of the version of the Justice League that was originally crafted by Zack Snyder. 

So, here comes the long-awaited Zack Snyder’s Justice League. How is it? Let’s find out.


The story is basically the same as that of the original one. And for those who are complaining about the story being same, #weaskedforit. The films begins with us being reminded of the demise of Superman(played by Henry Cavill) in Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice. The symbol of hope represented by Superman is gone. And Bruce Wayne, a.k.a, the Batman(played by Ben Affleck), somewhere inside him, blames himself for the unfortunate event. He does not only wear a physical armour but a ‘guilt’ armour as well.

He teams up with Wonder Woman (played by the dashing Gal Gadot), an Amazonian who has the blood of the old Gods in her, Aquaman(Jason Momoa), a half-Atlantean who can protects creatures of both land and sea, the Flash(Ezra Miller), one who became blazing fast after being struck by lightning, Cyborg(Ray Fisher), one who finally finds his heart in the machine and finally, Superman himself, who was literally raised from the dead to fight and protect the world from the dark beings, Steppenwolf(voiced by Ciaran Hinds) and Darkseid(voiced by Ray Porter). Steppenwolf plans to combine the three Mother Boxes(sources of limitless destructive energy) into a ‘Unity’ and conquer the world.

A lot of backstory has been added in the fold for each of the six members of the Justice League, which on one side seems too much but on another side gives context and allows the audience to feel more involved and connected to their heroes onscreen when they take on the alien invaders.


Zack Snyder takes a diametrically opposite approach to the making of Justice League than his predecessor, Joss Whedon. Whedon preferred a more light and bright approach(a bit more bright than required than should be) to the Justice League while Snyder Cut is dark, serious and realistic. The cinematography by Fabian Wagner makes the film look real scary and devoid of hope. Even the new suit of Superman suggests as if the very symbol of hope has somewhere been corrupted by the all-consuming darkness.

Darkseid and Superman in the movie.

The film has been divided into six parts and a long epilogue. Each of those six parts shows the personal struggles, hardships and painful truths that the heroes had to endure and accept in order to become who they are today. It allows the viewers to get involved with the storyline in a more passionate and emotional manner. 

But this has also given the film a whooping 4 hour playtime which is a bit too long and exhausting. The little details about each of the characters at times may seem a bit too extra. But those very details are which gives the film its unique flavour and makes it an undeniably passionate work of Zack Snyder. But, you would definitely require to take a loo break after 2 hours(see a urologist immediately if you don’t!!!).

The film is also a musical wonder created by Tom Holkenborg a.k.a. Junkie XL, who has his original score restored. The use of appropriate songs and background score has made the movie an intense phenomenon for the audience to get involved with. At times, it almost feels that the film is not just a superhero movie but also a musical masterpiece.

Nothing new needs to be said about the star cast of the film. Gal Gadot is as usual dashing and in command of her character (Wonder Woman). In fact, compared to the original take by Whedon, Gal has much more to offer through her character than just brute physical strength. Ezra Miller, as Flash, gets the deserved backstory and thus leaves an indelible imprint in the minds of his adorers as a kind-hearted young metahuman hero who is willing to do everything to get his wrongly convicted father out of imprisonment. Flash also gets a much bigger pivotal role in this movie when he uses Speed Force to rewind time and restore the past during the doomsday fight.

Momoa’s backstory provides better context for the events like him going to save the second Mother Box from Steppenwolf or for the events of the Aquaman(released in 2018). And Ray Fisher’s Cyborg finally gets his heart in the right place. The backstory provides the much needed context and peek in the world of this superhero(who being alive is also a result of the power of a Mother Box). And he brings the character to life with utmost perfection.

The ending epilogue is also a bit more longer than expected. This movie would have become equivalent to The Avengers from MCU had this released earlier. Snyder teases enough storylines (ranging from the Knightmare version to the coming together of Lex Luthor and Deadshot to kill the Batman to the arrival of the Martian Man Hunter and the Joker) for the production houses to make money till — well, till the next end of the world. 

The Final Verdict : Should You Watch?

This film is a dark, intense and undeniably passionate work from director Zack Snyder. He has not only weaved a beautiful story and culminated it to an ending but also showed us the road ahead. 

Yes, I agree that the film is double the size of a normal film. But the increase in the also offers most of that which the Whedon Cut could not. But, the movie is not for everyone as it is also very dark and intense because it deals with pain, hurt and suffering in a very realistic way.

If you are not very much against dark movies, then you can easily select this movie to binge-watch it this weekend. ‘Cause after all this movie is a dark masterpiece.

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